How to become a barista at home.

Please enjoy these guided videos from the La Marzocco Home team.There's nothing like waking up early in the morning, walking into the kitchen and have a cup of espresso, made by ourself. Below you will find several videos that will teach you everything from setting up your La Marzocco espresso machine, how to brew espresso, steaming milk and adjusting your grinder. You will also find a video who shows you how to clean your espresso machine, which is a very important step on how to become a master barista at home. 

Unboxing the Linea Mini

Set up the Linea Mini, your kitchen will never be the same.

How to Program the GS3 AV

One of the primary features of the GS3 AV is the ability to program your shots using auto-volumetrics. But the features don't stop there—the electronic programming on this machine has a few more things in store.

How to Dial in Your Grinder for Espresso

Learn to dial in your grinder for espresso! In this quick guide, Dave shows you the basics of adjusting a grinder, and a few tips & tricks we've discovered over the years that make the dial-in process easier.

How to Make Espresso

It takes just a few steps to set up the Linea Mini and the Lux D to brew the perfect espresso.

How to Steam Milk for Espresso

Learn to steam milk on your home espresso machine. In this quick video guide, Dave Bise breaks down the basics of steaming good quality milk for your favorite espresso drinks.

How to Clean Your Espresso Machine

Keep your espresso machine clean and running smoothly using this quick guide.

How to do Preventative Maintenance on a Home Espresso Machine

Some quick tips to help you keep your Linea Mini or GS3 looking and running as good as possible.

How to use your La Marzocco Home App with the Linea Mini

How to use your La Marzocco Home App with the GS3

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